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I write for myself and hope others enjoy the ride.


Born in Whitesburg, Kentucky, Frank J. Basham has called Dayton and Lexington, Ohio home.  A graduate of The Ohio State University, he holds numerous literary awards.  Frank's current projects include a collection of short stories,and a third novel.

Frank lives in Key West, Florida with his wife of over 40 years, Louise Elaine Cooke Basham.  They have three children, James, Michael and Angela.  Frank and Louise also have eight grandchildren.  Michael C. Basham, his youngest son, is the photographer of record for the covers of Frank's books.

Frank's first novel, Bucket of Strangers, is a mystery-fiction rendering of an author's struggle to complete her novel while under the influence of bad memories and haunting voices from her own past.  It is the reader's responsibility to decide which of the voices in her novel are from her writings or from her personal tragedy.  The novel's main character is K.  Not immediately introduced in the book, she is the voice in the prologue and the book's final commentator.  As a young girl K experiences unspeakable horror.  Trauma follows her.  As a novelist, K's writing is as much therapy as it is a professional endevor.  The book is a story within a story.  K's writing entwines itself around her dark, frightening past.  Her world is one of good, evil, real and fictitious characters competing for her attention and ultimate companionship.  Her take on life is, "I give you my words as my only way out."

Frank's poetry collection, Spilled Words, is an eclectic collection of Frank's poetry spanning a lifetime of literary reflections.  Spilled Words is divided into three distinct sections.  The first section is 'First Door Gone'.  The second section is 'Second Time Around'.  The third sectin is 'Toward Tunnel's End'.  These poems reflect the changing times emerging from the late sixties and seventies.  They slide in and out of the realms of consumerism and intellectual wandering that is sometimes balanced with age and wisdom.  These  poems are memories of the Appalachian, New York and Beats poets of his time. They are also reflections of his own friend's writings that wander between these disciplines while looking for their own voices in ever changing times.

Frank's second novel, Dancing With The Undertaker, was just released and is outlined further in this website.




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